The #1 travel destination of the 2020s isn't St Bart's or the Isles of Scilly. In fact, one cannot fly there. One must be driven to Wit's End.

Arriving at Wit’s End

People are driven to Wit’s End by husbands or wives, parents or children, bosses and coworkers. Remarkably, many are driven to Wit’s End by total strangers. 

One visitor who spoke on condition of anonymity said, 'The first year, my husband drove me to Wit’s End. It took my breath away. I was gasping, hyperventilating—it felt like I was dying, if I’m honest. Next year, my mother-in-law did me the favour. I guess I’m lucky.'

Waking up at Wit’s End

Some people find themselves at Wit’s End without knowing quite how they got here. Occasionally, after a night of fitful rest, one may simply wake up at Wit’s End.

One visitor told us, 'There’s a panic—oh no, I’m at Wit’s End! As I move through the day, I’m beside myself. As if I’m watching myself in a travel show that I happen to be in'.

Your Wit's End

Another distinguishing feature of Wit’s End is the feeling that one has arrived at a place with a population of one—you! At Wit’s End, your perceptions are fundamentally altered.

'Wit’s End is technically open to all, but I strangely feel as if it is mine. My Wit’s End', a visitor told us.

Top 10 Things to Do at Wit’s End


  1. Ironing 

  2. Binge Eating
Binge Drinking
Binge Watching
Phone Touching

  6. Puzzle Solving
Frequent Bathing

  8. Door Slamming

  9. Music Appreciating

Wit's End Gift Shoppe

A must for any Wit's End traveller is a souvenir from the Wit's End Gift Shoppe. A Wit's End T-shirt or cuppa is just the thing for sustaining and keeping one's wits. And this is key: These items help you connect and converse with others who've been to Wit's End.   

Wit's End mug perfect cuppa by Jolly & Goode

My Wit’s End Rewards

Frequent visitors to Wit’s End may qualify for the My Wit’s End Rewards card, which comes with a bewildering array of indecipherable legal documents that one must accept unconditionally in order to be rewarded for things. 

Wit's End Rewards Card process flow by Jolly & Goode

Before You Leave

Are you sure you want to go? Take a moment to think about what it would mean to remain at Wit’s End for the rest of your life. Might some part of you really like that? Should you listen to that part?

As you lie in bed and drift off, take comfort in knowing that, with a good night’s sleep, you will wake up somewhere else.