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Why is the shop called Jolly & Goode?

Our products are often whimsical, always wonderful and distinctly British. The name Jolly & Goode encapsulates what we're about.

If you're British or an Anglophile, you'll take extra delight in some of the references we use in certain items. However, there's plenty for everyone to delight in at Jolly & Goode. 

We're particularly keen on fun, idea-driven designs such as the Dick Ensian collection, Faff AF FestivalMinistry of Biscuits, Lord Snoggington'sLoch Down Club, Chav & Toff United London and Dr Tuttington's antiquated medical advice notebooks, to name just a few. 

We also enjoy purely wonderful things: stunning swimsuits, zestful dresses and delightful clothing for the discerning British Baby and Little Londoner.

Is there a Jolly & Goode retail store?

We will explore opening a Jolly & Goode retail store in the future, perhaps in London, Brighton or Happy Bottom. 

Jolly & Goode items are now available at You can also shop our social profiles on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. If we post something that you fancy, you can shop that item (or any others) without leaving those apps. 

Our products are also available on the Shop app by Shopify. 

Do you offer free delivery?

Yes. We offer free shipping and delivery worldwide on orders over £30 (or the equivalent value in your local currency).

On any given product page, you'll see the estimated delivery time to your location for that product. This estimated time is based on standard shipping.

If you pay more for Express, you can see the item faster. The estimated time for Express can be seen during the checkout process. Express is available in most places. If it isn't available in your area, you won't see the option during checkout. 

Do you sell gift cards? How do they work?

Yes, and our gift cards work as a form of payment, which you can use repeatedly until the full amount has been spent. They do not expire.

The recipient can either follow a link that automatically applies the gift card value to their cart, or they can enter a unique code during checkout.

Here's the link to our gift card.  

What if there's something wrong with my order? How often do you have to resend an item because there's something wrong with it?

This happens 0.26% of the time. Yes, that is indeed less than 1%. And if there is something wrong (if we made a mistake in production) we will make it right. But this rarely happens, thanks to our quality control checks.

So the main thing is to get your sizing right, which is why we include size guides on every product in both imperial and metric units.  

Are your materials ethically and sustainably sourced?

We do source materials from suppliers with clear ethical and environmental policies, and we are committed to continual improvement in this area.  

We offer many organic cotton products. Most of the cotton t-shirts shirts we print on are sourced from Bella + Canvas, which is committed to being 100% sweatshop free. 

These items are made with Airlume cotton (the name Airlume is connected to the process they use to clean the cotton). Here's a short video about what distinguishes Airlume from cotton produced by other methods. 


Bella + Canvas has also made ecological commitments.

We are a green company through and through — taking every opportunity we can to reduce our co2 emissions. We use 7x less water than average clothing manufacturers, and our manufacturing facilities produce almost no landfill because we recycle pretty much everything.

In other product categories (such as our Totes of Totality) you'll find organic cotton products and recycled polyester products, so you can choose which you prefer, depending on how you will be using the product.

For durability and ease cleaning, certain products (such as swimsuits and athletic apparel) are made with recycled polyester or regular polyester.

We use the fabric trimmings of recycled polyester to make headbands.

And all of our iPhone cases are biodegradable.

So again, we're not perfect, but this is top of mind.  

Apart from your materials and products, how is your process eco-friendly?

Overproduction is a huge problem with clothing brands. The average fashion company produces 35% more products than they sell in a given year. This wastes energy and natural resources, produces unnecessary pollution, and more.

Our products are made on demand when you order them, which dramatically reduces or eliminates overproduction and related waste.

We also work with a network of production facilities around the globe to produce products as close to your location as possible, which reduces the required energy and cost of shipping.

If you live in the UK, for example, your item will be produced in the UK (near Birmingham). If you live in the US, your item will be produced in Los Angeles or Charlotte.

Exceptions are made if there are supply chain issues, in which case your item might be produced at a facility farther from you in order to get you the item faster than you would from a local facility.

Do you ever have sales?

Not yet, and we don't plan to have sales (never say never, but it isn't planned currently). Sales are necessary due to the aforementioned problem of overproduction. 

Here's one way this benefits you. We don't need to overprice things merely so we can have a sale and still make money down the line. Instead of overpricing items that require one to wait for a sale, we price our items reasonably from the beginning.

That said, we do offer various discount codes to people. There is a 10% discount available on your first purchase when you sign up for our newsletter. We even have a discount code for customers who are exceedingly gracious. Getting these codes is one reason to sign up for our newsletter. See the form below.

Why aren't there any reviews on your site?

Some of the companies we admire most don't have reviews on their site. That said, we aren't set against reviews. Our store is new and we will likely add reviews at some point in the future. We have yet to have a single returned item. And the percentage of our orders that have to be resent because there was a production error is 0.26%.

Who made your site?

We did—with a great deal of help from many other people, principally the Brighton UK based developers Safe As Milk

What font do you use in the store?

The primary font (the text you're reading, for example) is Madera, which was designed at Monotype UK by Malou Verlomme. 

In 2016, Verlomme designed the Johnston100 typeface for TfL, a newly restored version of the classic Johnston typeface for the London Underground.

Here's a video about what went into that process. 

Introducing Johnston100 for TfL from Monotype on Vimeo.

Malou Verlomme has a Graphic Design degree from l'École Duperré in Paris, and an MA in Typeface Design from the University of Reading.

Many thanks from everyone at Jolly & Goode to Malou Verlomme and Monotype UK for giving us such a lovely font.

Are you on social media?

Yes, please join us on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest. All of these profiles can be shopped, so if we post something you fancy, you can view that product within these apps.

And if you'd like to be apprised of future updates and special offers, sign up for our newsletter using the form below.

Where can I contact you if I have a question not covered here?

Drop us an email at — cheers.

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