We're over the moon about our Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens Giveaway for fans of Ladies Who London — Alex Lacey and Emily Dell — the excellent London tour guides and delightful podcast personalities. 

We're giving away three Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens shirts to three of their listeners. Details to be announced in episode #84 of Ladies Who London.  

In the most recent episode (#83) Alex and Emily cover the history of Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens, revealing their place at the heart of London's culture for over 150 years. 

During the long and lively history of the gardens, the word Vauxhall was used as a kind of shorthand, in the same way Broadway is used today. The typically stolid Wikipedia captures the scene at Vauxhall thusly:

The Gardens drew enormous crowds, with its paths being noted for romantic assignations.* Tightrope walkers, hot-air balloon ascents, concerts and fireworks provided entertainment... In 1817, the Battle of Waterloo was re-enacted, with 1,000 soldiers participating.

* snogging and shagging

Many forms of modern public entertainment (including Broadway) owe a debt to Vauxhall.

Alex and Emily take a deeper dive into Vauxhall in episode #83 of their podcast, give it a listen. And listen to episode #84 for contest details. 


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