Discounted Gift Cards

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They say it is better to give than to receive, but with discounted gift cards from Jolly & Goode, you honestly get a bit a of both! 

Your recipient gets to spend more money than you technically spent on the gift card! 

We're offering three variants:

  • Get a 50 pound gift card for 45 pounds (saving 5 pounds)
  • Get a 75 pound gift card for 65 pounds (saving 10 pounds)
  • Get a 100 pound gift card for 85 pounds (saving 15 pounds)

When you add any of these gift cards to your basket, you will see the discounted price reflected there. Simply make your selection, complete your purchase and send the gift card link or code to your recipient.

If you need a 10 or 20 pound gift card, get one of our standard gift cards of great renown

How the gifting process works with J&G gift cards:

When you purchase a gift card, you will receive a unique link and gift card code. You can send either the link or the code to your recipient (both methods work and they aren't mutually exclusive).

When you send the link and they select it, they will arrive at our shop with the gifted amount already applied to the basket. Alternatively, the recipient can enter the gift card code during checkout. 

Gift card codes can be used multiple times until the full amount has been spent, and they never expire.

Note to Anglophiles who may be shopping in other currencies:

If you use our currency selector (in the top menu or footer), the price of these gift cards will automatically be converted to dollars or your local currency. The same discount applies, post-conversion. So the question is really whether you want to give a card at a somewhat odd, converted denomination (such as $96.07) or in the rounded denomination of the pound (a clean 50, 75 or 100). Either way, your recipient will be able to use the full value of the card, in pounds or in any other currency you see in our currency selector. Phew!      

Cheers and happy gifting!

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