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We're your favourite source for well-designed Union Jack clothing and gifts, including women's and men's workout shirts, t-shirts, dresses, t-shirt dresses, bikinis, onesies, embroidered jackets and patches, backpacks, ceramic mugs, pint glasses, tote bags and other Union Jack clothing & fun gift items. Geri Halliwell, Vivienne Westwood and other British icons left us with an important lesson. If we want a symbol to mean something, we have to be the ones to imbue it with that meaning. Who you are and what you represent whilst wearing your Union Jack contribute to the ever-evolving meaning of this symbol.

Made for You

We make your items when you place an order—this is more eco-friendly, saving energy and other resources. Enjoy free carbon-neutral delivery on all orders in the UK & US; Elsewhere with purchases over £30 in value. If you wish, learn more about our Climate Commitment.