Ladies and Gentlemen, have you ever stopped to consider the importance of biscuits in our daily lives? They're there for us in moments of joy and comfort, they bring people together over a cup of tea, and they're a pillar of British culture. But who is there to protect and regulate the world of biscuits? Fear not, for the Ministry of Biscuits is here!

The Ministry of Biscuits is a government agency in the United Kingdom solely dedicated to biscuits—the governing body in charge of these beloved treats. From quality to tradition and innovation, the Ministry has it all under control.

One of their most important duties is to keep the Great British Biscuit Selection up to standard. Every year, the Ministry selects a range of biscuits to represent the best of British baking. The process is intense and rigorous, with biscuits being tested for their crumbliness, dunkability and, of course, their taste.

But their work doesn't stop there. They also regulate the use of certain ingredients, ensuring that only the finest and most authentic ingredients are used in biscuit making. The Ministry have even been known to crack down on rogue bakers using subpar ingredients, much to the relief of biscuit purists everywhere.

So the next time you take a bite of your favourite biscuit, think of the hardworking team at the Ministry. They're always on the front lines, defending the honour of biscuits and making sure that every biscuit you eat is of the highest quality.

The Ministry of Biscuits is a shining example of the dedication and commitment that the British government has to maintaining the integrity of one of its most cherished traditions. 

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