Every time you place an order at Jolly & Goode, you support carbon sequestration projects around the globe.

Running Tide is one of the incredible companies backed by us and they just did something amazing.

Running Tide makes carbon capture buoys from chunks of wood waste from the forestry industry (what the industry calls “residue”) that might have otherwise been burned. These buoys are coated with limestone, which helps capture more carbon and fight ocean acidification.

When the buoys are released, a fleet of sensors tracks where they travel; cameras in cages float along with the buoys and can later be recovered from the water.In this pilot, the buoys floated for two weeks, then sank into the deep ocean.

On the ocean floor, they’ll be consumed by ocean creatures or buried in sediment. The process can store carbon for hundreds of millions of years.This project is an example of how we deliver carbon-neutral shipping with every order placed at jollygoode.com.


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