What's an Emergency Screaming Pillow?

Have you ever had one of those days where you just need to let out a good scream? We've all been there. That's why we're thrilled to introduce our collection of Emergency Screaming Pillows!

The Emergency Screaming Pillow is a joy to own and to gift. Each hilarious pillow 'Fully Absorbs Cries of The Soul' and come with the helpful instruction to 'Scream Here' at the centre of the pillow. These pillows bring instant comfort and comic relief to any space. 

The collection includes an Election Day Screaming Pillow, a Christmas Screaming Pillow, and an Emergency Screaming Pillow Sports Edition, amongst others.

Why Scream into a Pillow?

Why not? Also, screaming into a pillow is a tried and true method for releasing emotional overwhelm. It's like a mini therapy session. Plus, it's more socially acceptable than screaming into other objects.

Choose Your Screaming Pillow Style

Our collection of Emergency Screaming Pillows comes in a variety of colours and styles to suit your unique screaming pillow needs. Whether you need an Election Day Dismay Alleviator, a Screaming Pillow for the 12 Days of Christmas, or a Team Loss Lamentation Aide, we've got you covered. And the standard pillow is available in a variety of colours to suit your space.

Quality and Comfort

Not only are our screaming pillows designed to help you let out a good scream, they're also silky smooth (think Zohan). These pillows are perfect for squeezing or burying your face in when you need a moment of solace. The case is washable and can withstand many screams. The insert should be hand-washed. Use the hidden zipper to remove the insert. 

Emergency Situations

Feeling overwhelmed at work or in a car park? Grab your screaming pillow. Sensory overload at a nightclub or day school? Scream away. Dealing with a never-ending to-do list? Let it all out with your trusty pillow by your side. 

Of course, there are many reasons why one may find oneself screaming into a decorative pillow these days. Discover your own!

Spread the Joy of Screaming Pillows

Our collection of Emergency Screaming Pillows are unique and hilarious gifts. They provide instant comfort and comic relief, and that's an especially welcome combination. A rare gift indeed.

Let the Comfort & Comic Relief Begin

Available in a variety of colours, our fun Emergency Screaming Pillows are comforting and hilarious even when you're not screaming into them. Just the idea that you could scream into them creates a whimsical, playful vibe in your space, and that's a real gift, isn't it?

So, if you're in need of a good scream or looking for a fun and fantastic gift, look no further than our collection of Emergency Screaming Pillows

Jolly & Goode