Joseph Grimaldi was a renowned English actor and comedian, known for his innovative clown makeup and his memorable performances on the stage. Born just before Christmas 1778, in London, Grimaldi was the son of a renowned clown (that's fun to say!) named Giuseppe Grimaldi. From an early age, Joseph was immersed in the world of the theatre and the circus, and he soon became a prodigious performer in his own right.

One of the most notable achievements of Grimaldi's career was his pioneering use of clown makeup and style. Before Grimaldi, clowns typically wore a basic white face paint and a brightly coloured outfit. Grimaldi took this basic concept and turned it into an art form. He created a signature look that consisted of a white face with black eyebrows and lips, red triangles on his cheeks, and a brightly coloured outfit with large buttons and ruffles.

This look became synonymous with the clown archetype and is still used by many clowns today. In fact, modern clowns now register their unique variation of clown makeup with Clown International.  

Grimaldi's use of makeup wasn't just for show. He understood that his audience needed to see his facial expressions and emotions in order to fully appreciate his performances. The white face makeup allowed Grimaldi to exaggerate his expressions and create a larger-than-life character that was both hilarious and endearing. 

Grimaldi was known for his physical comedy and acrobatic skills. He was a master of pantomime, and his performances often featured elaborate stunts and tricks. He was a talented dancer, and his performances included both classical ballet and popular dance styles.

As with many physical comedians, the prat falls and stunts took their toll on his body over time, leaving him with many injuries in his old age.

Despite his success on stage, Grimaldi's personal life was marked by tragedy and hardship. He had a difficult relationship with his father, who was a less successful clown and an abusive alcoholic. Joseph Grimaldi's mother and siblings also suffered at the hands of Giuseppe, and the family was often in financial trouble.

Joseph Grimaldi struggled with depression and drink, and his performances often reflected his inner turmoil. Grimaldi's most famous character, "Joey the Clown," was a melancholic figure who hid his sadness behind a painted smile. The character was a reflection of Grimaldi's own struggles, and it resonated with audiences in a way that few other comedic characters had before.

Despite his personal struggles, Grimaldi's legacy as a performer and innovator in the world of clowning lives on. His influence can be seen in the work of countless performers around the world, and his signature makeup is still used by many clowns today. Grimaldi's impact on the art form was so significant that he has been called the "father of modern clowning."

With his Joey character, Grimaldi laid a foundation for British comedians past and present. The combination of pathos, poignancy and physical buffoonery can be seen in Chaplin's Tramp and the characters of Sacha Baron Cohen.    

Joseph Grimaldi overcame significant personal challenges to become one of the most beloved performers of his time, and his legacy continues to inspire and influence performers today. While his relationship with his father was difficult and painful, Grimaldi used his experiences to create a character that was both hilarious and heartbreaking. 

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