Good news—all shipping and deliveries at Jolly & Goode are now carbon-neutral.

And since all deliveries to the United Kingdom and United States are free, that means you can get free carbon-neutral delivery on any order sent to a UK or US address. How great is that?

Orders sent elsewhere are still carbon-neutral (because all orders are) and free delivery is available with orders over 30 pounds in value. 

The carbon produced by deliveries is offset via Shopify Planet, which offers three levels of commitment. Jolly & Goode has committed at the highest level possible, placing particular emphasis on supporting carbon sequestration.

The projects we're supporting through this partnership cover the following areas:

Through this commitment to carbon capture, we hope to help future human beings have a greater ability to modulate atmospheric and oceanic carbon levels. If so, then the results will be more than neutral.

So there you have it. All orders are now carbon-neutral and support the continuing development of carbon sequestration. And all orders to the UK and US are still free. 

Learn more about our climate commitment and the specific carbon sequestration projects we're supporting.

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