Summer 2022 is set to be the biggest wedding season in memory, with scores of people having postponed their weddings over the previous two years. Perhaps no business was harder hit than Cap'n Pip's Wedding Tackle.

A storied British institution, Cap'n Pip's was founded in 1769, and has provided jollifications to newlyweds for generations. A Cap'n Pip's T-shirt has long been a cherished gift for grooms-to-be.

Cap'n Pip's remains a family business, owned and operated by Sir Reginald Pip.

'Up and down the British Isles, we've had to keep much of our beloved wedding tackle in storage the past two years', Pip says. 'If I'm honest, it's been grim at times, but rest assured we've taken very good care of it, and we are ready to serve you.'

As its done for over a century, Cap'n Pip's Wedding Tackle is sponsoring the entire 2022 Wedding Season.

'Sponsoring Wedding Season is a bit like sponsoring the Olympics', Pip explains, 'but with a touch more personal significance than the Games'. 

And with that, Cap'n Pip's has once again pipped a victory in the wedding game and in our hearts.

Whilst you're here, see the official Cap'n Pip's Wedding Tackle collection.

Jolly & Goode