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Permacrisis & Sons Long-Sleeve Shirt
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Permacrisis & Sons Triblend T-shirt
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Permacrisis & Sons Unisex Hoodie
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Permacrisis & Sons Vest | Tank Top | Unisex Fit
£24.00 £35.00
Charcoal-Black TriblendNavyAsphaltRed TriblendAthletic HeatherOatmeal Triblend+ 3 more
Winston Churchill famously said, ‘Never let a good crisis go to waste’. Permacrisis & Sons has done him one better. Permacrisis & Sons Authentic Dispirited Apparel is the perfect gift item for the 2020s, a time in which Permacrisis seems to have taken hold. A Permacrisis is a state in which one crisis overlaps the next and it feels as if one is living in a permanent state of emergency. For example, a pandemic, a wildfire, a heatwave, a drought, a flood, a financial collapse, a war, etc. In this context, it's easy to feel dispirited. But in an odd way, these Permacrisis & Sons Authentic Dispirited Apparel items actually lift people's spirits. Firstly by acknowledging, in good humour, the elephant in the room—or not in the room thanks to the latest crisis in their habitat. In our rigorous testing, wearing these clothes brings a welcome smile of relief to those around you.     

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