Hello? This is the Beach. That's right, the beach is calling. 

No, not Bournemouth Beach. Not Lyme Regis. I’m more of an Every Beach, really. All types of sand and sea. Long stretches, yes. Private coves also. 

Sure, you could just lie here all day. Stare into infinity, let your eyes defocus. Have at it.

Thing is, there is sun to consider. You could choose swimwear or swim shorts with some level of sun protection. And something for the kids if needed, yes. 

I agree, you might as well look fabulous. Jolly & Goode, yes. Brilliant fun. And every item is made especially for you. More eco-friendly, right. That's important for the sea and sky especially. 

The best beaches in South England? Oh, I couldn’t say. All of them, in different ways.

Kernow does have the mermaids, that’s true. The Isles of Scilly? Yes, it's a Scilly place. When I say the beach is calling, I mean these beaches. 

Well, this has been lovely and I’m looking forward to seeing you in person.

Yes, it’s been too long. Cheers.