The Cost of Living Crisis has been solved—in outer space!

As the United Kingdom continues to suffer from high energy prices, rising food costs, unaffordable housing and other calamities, the realm of outer space remains blissfully free of such concerns, as ever.

Lux-O-Brand, builders of luxury flats, have announced that all their buildings will be blasting off for outer space in 2023. 

Unbeknownst to the residents who bought them, Lux-O-Brand flats were always meant for interstellar travel, with the bottom of each building holding megatons of rocket fuel, enough for each building to reach escape velocity.

Whilst a small percentage of residents are pursuing legal action against Lux-O-Brand to prevent being blasted into space, the majority are pleased to finally see some relief from the rising cost of living.

According to certain TV shows, it seems that in outer space, one may simply beam to various locations without concern for such things as ticket prices, rail strikes or canceled flights.

Then too, food simply appears, made by machines that create it molecularly from constituent atoms. Everyone is provided a spiffing uniform. And any health ailments are cured with the wave of a handheld device. What's not to love? 

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