We're often asked what wedding tackle means, often when a customer of ours eyes our Cap'n Pip's Wedding Tackle collection of clothes and fun gifts.

Sometimes, people will buy Cap'n Pip's items simply because they like the idea of a wedding supply company presenting itself as a tackle shop—and this is a perfectly whimsical idea on its own.

But before such customers make a purchase (especially if said purchase is a gift for a friend), we like to make sure they know what wedding tackle means.  

Like bits and pieces, meat and two veg, and twig and berries, wedding tackle is a British euphemism for male genitalia. 

The Cambridge Dictionary offers the following examples of this 'UK humorous informal' in usage:

  • He grabbed another player by his wedding tackle.
  • I'm not the sort to saunter along the beach in Speedos flaunting my wedding tackle.
  • Someone flashed his wedding tackle at the cameras.
  • The ball flew across and hit him in the wedding tackle.

As these example show, the phrase is often associated with events of great dignity and decorum—not unlike a wedding.

Whilst you're here, see the official Cap'n Pip's Wedding Tackle collection. For the right friend, these items are fun gifts. 

Jolly & Goode