We're thrilled to announce the launch of our latest collection of apparel and gifts. The Happiness Multiplier collection is about spreading joy and happiness, both to the wearer and to those around them.

Featuring a bold multiplication X symbol and the words 'Happiness Multiplier', each item in this collection is designed to empower the wearer to multiply happiness, both inside and out. Whether you're wearing an athletic or a relaxed shirt, sporting a backpack or yoga leggings, you'll be spreading positive vibes wherever you go.

At Jolly & Goode, we believe happiness is multiplicative. When we're happy, we spread that happiness to those around us in a way that creates a ripple effect throughout our world. That's why we created the Happiness Multiplier collection—to inspire people to spread joy and positivity everywhere they go.

To celebrate our first year in business, we've designed the Happiness Multiplier collection with warm and cool colour variants that are perfectly complementary. You can mix and match these colours as an individual or as a group, creating a unique look that's inspiring.

We're also inviting people to start their own chain of giving at the Be a Happiness Multiplier page. Each person receives and gives an item, along with shared moments of happiness. Anyone can start a new Happiness Multiplier chain of giving by sending a friend a link to that page. 

So whether you're looking to brighten up your own day or spread a little happiness to those around you, the Happiness Multiplier collection is the perfect way to do it. With every item you wear or behold, you'll be creating a ripple effect of positivity and joy that can be felt far and wide, unconstrained by time or space.

We're excited to share this new collection with you, and we can't wait to see how you'll use it to spread happiness and positivity in your own unique way. So why wait? Check out the Happiness Multiplier collection today!

Jolly & Goode