Release the Kraken's! Welcome to the world of Kraken's, a family-owned brand of Greek extra virigin olive oil that has stood the test of time (and mythical creatures). 

For centuries, the Kraken family has been producing some of the finest olive oil in all of Greece. But it hasn't been easy. Back in ancient times, they had to defend their olive orchard from titans and demigods. Can you imagine trying to harvest olives while being attacked by a Cyclops or a Minotaur? Talk about a rough day at work.

But the Kraken family persevered, using their wits and a healthy dose of olive oil to fend off these creatures and protect their precious trees. Legend has it, they used the oil to blind the Cyclops and make him stumble, leaving him vulnerable to attack. Now that's resourcefulness!

According to legend, it was Heraklion Kraken who invented the sport of Greek olive oil wrestling. He developed Extra Virgin Olive Oil specifically for Extra Virgin Olive Oil Wrestling. Kraken's was the Official Extra Virgin Olive Oil Supplier for all events at the original Olympic games. 

Fast forward to the present day, and the Kraken family is still going strong. They may not have to deal with mythic beasts anymore, but they still face challenges such as wildfires and the occasional olive-thieving bird. But through it all, they have always managed to produce some of the best extra virigin olive oil around.

So the next time you're cooking up a storm in the kitchen and reach for a bottle of Kraken's extra virgin olive oil, know that you're using a product with a rich history and a strong legacy.

And who knows, maybe a little bit of that ancient titan-fighting magic is infused in every drop, and you'll find yourself fending off the next Minotaur that comes your way. Release the Kraken's.

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Oliver Jolly & Ben Goode