Winston Churchill famously said, ‘Never let a good crisis go to waste’.

Permacrisis & Sons did him one better.

Founded by Heraklion Permacrisis and his sons Willard and Henry, Permacrisis & Sons makes Authentic Dispirited Apparel for Brits.

In the UK, Permacrisis & Sons was both an overnight and sustained success, seeing robust sales through pandemic lockdowns, War in Ukraine, the Cost of Living Crisis, the arrival and departure of various prime ministers, and so much more.

Unlike other lifestyle brands, Permacrisis & Sons is well-positioned to profit from whatever bleak scenario this parallel universe may bring.

Who could have foreseen a dystopia in which Britain would convert one of its largest power stations into luxury flats costing north of 10,000,000 pounds each whilst simultaneously making itself utterly dependent on energy imported from a foreign power that could cut it off at a moment’s notice?

Permacrisis & Sons, that’s who.

Willard Permacrisis believes that beneath the fear and anxiety lies an inherent love of life.

‘If you didn’t love life, you don’t get wreaked by anxiety. That’s something to hang your hat on, isn’t it? Your distress means life has been pretty good up to now. Good enough that you fear losing it. Cheers to that.’

Henry concurs. ‘That’s what you represent when you wear a Permacrisis & Sons t-shirt, the love of life that underlies today’s crisis and tomorrow’s or whatever life may bring.’

Permacrisis & Sons is now available exclusively at Jolly & Goode UK.

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