At Jolly & Goode, many of our designs are driven by typography (for instance, the Dick Ensian line). So when it came time to choose the right typeface for our store itself, we looked at every font under the sun. Ultimately, we chose Madera.

We use different weights of Madera for body text, headlines, menus and more. Indeed, this text you're reading is Madera. 

Madera was designed by Malou Verlomme at Monotype UK. In 2016 he designed the Johnston100 typeface for TfL, a new typeface for the London Underground.

Here's a video about what went into that process. 

Introducing Johnston100 for TfL from Monotype on Vimeo.

Malou Verlomme has a Graphic Design degree from l'École Duperré in Paris, and an MA in Typeface Design from the University of Reading.

Many thanks from everyone at Jolly & Goode to Malou Verlomme and Monotype UK for giving us such a lovely font.