Your South England beach break is just around the corner and you’re gripped by the fear of making a dreadful, utterly ruinous, catastrophic packing mistake. Four of them, specifically. :)

Well, no worries, because after reading this stunningly informative post where exactly four packing mistakes are enumerated, you can effectively point to such packing fears as if you were a certain character in Harry Potter, and yell 'Ridiculous!'

Let’s dive in.

South England Beach Break Mistake 1: Not packing a swimsuit

This is the South Coast of England. Unless you’re here to go paragliding at Devil’s Dyke or something, it’s all about the water.

You need shorts, maybe a swim shirt (or rash guard) or perhaps a one-piece swimsuit, bikini, or other stylish swimwear.

A rash guard, with sun protection, is another great choice if your trip involves kayaking, sailing, standup paddle-boarding, or other water activities, and why shouldn’t it? We offer several stylish options.

Beach Break Mistake 2: Packing clothes that you can’t dress up or down

Part of the beauty of holidays here lies in making delightful shifts between daytime and nighttime adventures, especially if you’re in a city like Brighton with great nightlife.

Packing versatile dresses, such as a fitted dress or a t-shirt dress, is an excellent choice.

These are comfortable enough to sleep in and stylish enough for just about any venue on the South Coast, where standards are often more casual. Throw a stylish jacket over them or otherwise layer them for shifts in weather or locale.

Beach Break Mistake 3: Not packing adventure essentials

If you’re doing this break right, you’ll need a rucksack or backpack, trail (or train or car) snacks, water bottle, sunglasses, sunscreen, quality hiking shoes or boots with quality socks, and the usually needed items such as toiletries.

And maybe: sports bras, women's athletic apparel, men's athletic apparel, leggings, a comfy hoodie, water shoes, towels, device chargers or battery packs, portable speaker, headphones, lip balm, a downloaded offline map, notebook and pen, bottle opener.

And perhaps: A Jolly & Goode gift for your host.

Beach Break Mistake 4: Wearing anything that could make you an enemy of the Bitches of Chichester

Let’s face it, the Bitches of Chichester run this coast. Should you approach Chichester wearing anything that offends their sensibilities, they will cut you down, son. Honestly, your best plan is to simply wear official Bitches of Chichester items. Failing that, you might as well make a run for the Isles of Scilly. It's a Scilly place or Kernowfornia

Now you’re ready for a beach break on South England's coast. 

Jolly & Goode